Crowded Scouse Meet the Band


Vocals and guitar

Mark is the musical powerhouse and logistical driving force behind Crowded Scouse. They would be nothing without him. He is also a power-crazed, egomaniacal despot singer and guitarist.

Joe Blacknotes

Vocals and keys

After struggling to be a professional muscian for almost 40 years Joe finally gave up and joined Crowded Scouse.

The name Blacknotes comes from the latin to never play a bum note using only the black keys, something several famous artists have made a career at (mentioning no names).

Joe says he loves playing the old standards; "there's nothing better than hearing the crowd sing along to "Weather With You" or "Don't Dream Its Over" at the top of their voices".

Vinnie 'the Fish' Gambini

Bass Guitar

Vin got his first guitar when he was 15, but didn't get round to playing it until he was 36 (when a promising career in International Trade Finance was halted by the collapse of the Argentinian peso).

Since joining Crowded Scouse, he has focused all his energies on the bass guitar and improving his tango. Got to dance!

'Shoeless' Mike


Having been born at an early age, Mike was home schooled, leaving at thirty with no qualifications whatsoever. He did however have one life skill, a dubious sense of rhythm, as anyone who has seen him drum can testify.

A chance meeting with a strange man named Vin led to him joining the world famous Crowded Scouse and it is in that very same band that he plies his musical trade today.

A master of 4/4 and even 3/4 time, he is the bedrock of the band and undoubtedly the third best looking.

Big Al

Vocals and guitar

Big Al recently returned to the band having taken time out to be a part-time international man of mystery.

Born and raised in the jungles of the People's Republic of Bootle, a life in music was always his most likely path and he sees re-joining Crowded Scouse as the pinnacle of his career.