Un homage to Crowded House, The Finn Bros and Split Enz



Punk to Funk, Pop to Goth, multi-instrumentalist Joe has played it all.  But he believes that nothing compares to the sweet melodies of Neil Finn and Crowded House, “It felt Only Natural”to join Crowded Scouse and when we play live it’s like we are in our own private  musical universe and long may it continue!”


My life in music began aged 7, I wanted to be close to Anne Byrne  (a blonde vision) and she played violin, Anne disappeared, the music stayed! Ive always been attracted to music that draws you in emotionally (first single I bought was Johnny Cash “A boy named Sue”) and you won’t find an artist with such a gift for doing that as Neil Finn, I’ve been a fan for years, seen him in all his various incarnations and never been disappointed. We are a band of fans and this is a labour of love for us, we hope you enjoy what we do.


Picked up my first guitar aged 15 from Frank Hessy's in order to impress the girls, and decades later this strategy had clearly failed. But sitting in my car in June 1991 after a 10k run at Widnes Rugby Club, I had my first Crowded House experience listening to Radio 1, with the guys doing an acoustic version of "It Only Natural", Paul Hester on the waste paper bin. It was magical and I was hooked. I still am.

Keith Francis

Al Mac